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Planning an office move? Worry not! We consider your move as ours!

Be it relocating your office or simply moving stock to a different warehouse within the GTA, or relocating the head office to a different city in Canada or even the U.S.- every move isn’t as simple as it appears to be! But that is what X Moving transportation is here for! Being one of the best Commercial Movers Scarborough, we ensure the complexities are simplified. Our team of professionals will coordinate all the required details, and ensure everything is moved with ease. X Moving transportation aims at reducing the downtime of your office and getting the office move done seamlessly, in minimum time by using an exclusive trusted system.

Commercial Movers Scarborough

Why we are the Best Office Movers in Scarborough

How we plan your office move:

Step 1:  Pre-plan:

Pre-planning is crucial to the success of a relocation. At X Moving Transportation, we have a number and label system fixed for all the items and we decide a rational timeline with respect to the whole move. This labeling mechanism is loved by parents as well as teachers.

Step 2: Discussion with the moving specialist:

Prior to the move, a meeting needs to be done with the specialist in charge of the move, who would review the floor plans as well as the specific services that are needed. This enables us to provide a precise and economical estimate which is based on the customized requirements. We guarantee that there would not be surprise charges!

Step 3: Packing of Items:

X Moving Transportation ensures that instructions are provided on the correct packing procedures either with or without using stackable bins. Our packing materials are clean and modern and the trucks are disinfected way before the move. We also take care of disassembling as well as reassembling of furniture, which is inclusive of cubicles. Our movers in Scarborough are professionally trained and are reliable enough to take care of the details which include packing of fragile belongings. We assure you that no boxes will fall apart, dismantling will be done without haste and we respect your privacy.

Step 4: Moving of Office:

Prior to the date scheduled for the move, our team will cross-verify the details of the move. Our team of specialists are skilled and experienced to move items of any shape, or size or weight. All the belongings are marked clearly and will be moved with care and caution. As the best office movers in Scarborough, we are effective, well-organized, and economical. The best method of getting the job fulfilled is to hire our professional services for the move, to ensure you get back to your business as fast as you can.

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