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X Moving Transportation Mississauga, has a team of skilled and expert professionals who take care of the transportation of grand pianos, consoles as well as spinets. Our team transports grand pianos of various brands such as Baldwin, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, etc. The team at X Moving Transportation is always ready for any move and takes care of your piano with the utmost care. X Moving Transportation offers Piano Moving Service Mississauga and aims at customer satisfaction.

Professional Services Offered by X Moving Transportation:

When you approach X Moving Transportation, we first obtain all the necessary information with respect to the move- the piano type to be moved, the destination, the date as on which the piano has to be at the destination, the floor on which the piano has to be delivered, number of stairs, measurements of the piano, measurements of the room, etc. This data is quite essential as our team can plan the entire move and offer the service at a price that’s affordable. X Moving Transportation believes in providing piano moving services in Mississauga and ensures you are totally satisfied with it.

Piano Moving Service Mississauga

How Piano Moving Service Mississauga works at X Moving transportation:

1. Scheduling the Move: X Moving Transportation has a Scheduling Option which is flexible enough to plan the move anytime during the day or evenings as well as on weekends.
2. Packing the Piano: We make sure that each and every piano is carefully wrapped in blankets. Any exposed area is covered with blankets that have a cotton lining. We ensure the legs, the bench along with the pedal lyre are individually wrapped. We also place materials in between the music desk and the front lid to protect them. Each piano is kept on piano beds that are designed and carpeted as per the specifications of the piano in order to ensure safe transport.
3. Condition Report Provided: At the time of arrival to get the piano picked, X Moving Transportation fills a complete condition report of the piano and reviews the same with you. Once the report is signed by you, a copy of the same is provided to you for record purpose. At the time of delivery of the piano, the report is reviewed by us and we ensure everything is intact and safe!

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