Professional Piano Moving Company Toronto

The piano is basically an instrument through which a person can express his thoughts and feelings or ideas, it’s a huge challenge, largely because an aural piano can become irreparably damaged without ever being dropped, or banged or even mishandled. There are many times an awkward situation like because of size or the environment when being moved from (for instance down an apartment flight of stairs or up a basement slight of stairs) or even simply, the weight can also be daunting. Many of the piano owners will know about the improper moving which may lead to shifts or potential damage to the piano, wrapping until its too late to get it fixed.

professional piano moving company Toronto
professional piano moving company Toronto

Knowledge of Piano Moving is the Key!

You should be sure that you have an experienced and a professional piano mover Toronto, and also with proper knowledge and equipment of how the piano is constructed, are paramount to a successful, it should be damage free move. It’s vital to note that in this age and day, where pianos have digital components and a sound system, it should be combined with a regular piano hammer. The string components can also make changes for damage that much is more a threat.

We have wide experience in residential moving services Toronto, and have been moving the pianos of all kinds, we have moved every kind of piano move from an apartment size upright, to a full concert size grand piano. We understand each and everything like the structure and parts of a piano is a key to its safe transportation. We know all the right techniques and all the equipment, hence we make the right choice for your move.

How we move different types of pianos:

Upright for apartment size

  • handle with care and gently load, centre piano on an especially piano skid or a 4 wheel dolly.
  • then wrap the surface and secure it to skid or dolly.
  • with shoulder straps on a piano sound, carefully move it through your home/business to the truck.
  • lately, secure the piano to an empty wall of the truck, block the wheels on a dolly and double the ratchet strap.

Grand or Baby Grand

  • remove lid, pedals and keyboard, then carefully wrap separately.
  • remove the left legs and wrap the body of the piano, and secure it to skid.
  • once on the ground, then gently place the piano sound on 4 wheel dolly and roll it into moving truck.
  • it’s mainly to secure against the empty wall of the truck and check for movement.
  • then atlas we will do the reverse, and put your piano back together in your new home!

Trust the Piano Moving Specialists

The most trusted movers are the X Moving Transportation and all its locations are across Canada. We have the right expertise in residential moving services in Toronto. Our services include to move your home, business or even just your piano safely. You need to just click here to get a free online estimate or call us at a location near to you, to discuss one of our friendly consults.